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Christina Möller is a Multihyphenate Artist and Internationally Certified Somatic Educator combining both areas in her work.

Her work is about the senses of the body and how it translates into creations with the approach towards experiencing life in all its forms. She believes that through complete surrender towards life within us and around us it is crucial to express what we experience in all the ways that are possible for oneself. Only so, life is about truth and authenticity; the pillars of all.

In her works she loves to share observations, visions, self-experiments and its impact on her and the observers surroundings, life's moments, arising inspirations and the Self that seems to never be the same while always being constant at a root.

Everything she does is an offering to the highest form of existence while aiming towards the highest form of energy.

Her question to you is:

Why should we "Fall In Love" if we can "Rise In Love"?

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